Thursday 18 November 2021

UPDATED : UNBELIEVABLE, Malaysia Now KO's AirAsiaX and Mavcom in ONE punch as a FB user alleges 12 billion people voted for the AirAsiaX proposal when the world only has 7.9 billion people: Goin Down

is the 1967 single from the Monkees. That is how far back 

I had to go, as read in shock and disbelieve, that Malaysia Now can do what the The Edge did not wish to do. 

Malaysia Now has just slamdunk it,  exposed Mavcom for what it is, and cornered AirAsia X into a corner, which I believe it cannot get out.  The reason being if you refund one guy, you have to refund  everyone.

And it's so hard to stay afloat
I'm soakin' wet without a boat
And I knew I should have taken off my shoes
It's front page news
Goin' down
Goin' down

READ  below :

article from Malaysia Now.  Syabas Malaysia Now

If you thought that was about this READ   ET may have voted in favour of the AirAsia X Scheme