Tuesday 23 November 2021

PENCEN : Panggung Khayalan

is a song from Malaysia's biggest mainstream rock group , SEARCH.  The song was recorded in 1996.

Kita terlupa pada yang benar
Ataupun takut tersalah tafsiran
Panggung khayalan ini
Menjadi gedung sepi
Kenyataannya sembunyi di hati
Dan lantas bertambahlah mimpi.



is to accept  that there can be many versions of one story but, only one is the absolute  truth.  

According,  to the Employee  Provident Fund READ : Members need to work 4-6 years more to rebuild savings used during pandemic.

My personal view is EPF is merely using the I withdrawals as an 

excuse  for not planning 

Mind you, this was written in 2002.  

Consider  affordable housing for the elderly, plus limit withdrawals post retirement to monthly payments, and cap it at RM2000.,  The payments can be based on how much an individual has with the provident fund.