Wednesday 17 November 2021

PUTSCH Malaysiakini : Kaka Main Salah!!

is the massive hit written and sung by two guys who never met until fame caught up with them. The guy's concerned are Silet Open Up & Kapthenpurek. 

For a long time now, Malaysiakini has been the guardian of good against evil,


which is why I had my reservations when the portal READ : STARTED taking POLITICAL AD MONEY from BERSATU.

Has the new alliance, influenced editorial policy at  Malaysiakini?  Has the good life turned the highly regarded portal 

Mo bikin apa lei
Mo bagai mana lei
Nona pu belis mahal
Kaka stengah mati e
Kaka su jaga nona
Dari dulu dulu e
Terpaksa kaka mundur
Jauh jauh e

into a rouge, which nonetheless is still capable of winning the hearts and minds of Malaysians. READ : AGC batalkan rayuan terhadap keputusan bebaskan Ku Nan'

CONSIDER this, the agreement on this was reached much much earlier in the month, but some how Malaysiakini saw it fit to run this story just 48 hours before Melaka goes to poll, perhaps as a booster for BERSATU which states it wants to clean up Malaysia although it's own hands are blood stained, from the putsch which
killed the PH government.

This is not an attack on Ku Nan, but rather one on UMNO, which should wise up and ditch BERSATU before Malaysiakini starts running more execlusives 

of the hatchet kind