Thursday 4 November 2021

Revenge of the Proffesional Fund Manager : REKOMEN

is a hip hop song released just last week featuring underground rappers Sabbala & Dayne.

Dan kau tahu
Dah tak boleh go
Duduk jee diam
Sampai masa semuanya
Kau tak boleh repeat

Those could well be words coming out from the mouth of institutional funds to stubborn  Malaysian retail investors, 

who have yet to accept that most of them are getting burned in the stock market and it will be very difficult for them to repeat on their early success

Consider this,  fresh from the Gameshop triumph in the USA,  the Malaysian retailers, ganged up and bet big on Glove stocks despite established analyst advising them to sell. READ : Inspired by GameStop, Malaysian retail investors look to prop up medical glove shares

Well that certainly may have ended in disaster to those who did not jump off early. READ : Top Glove sitting on a RM920 million potential paper loss.

AT this stage,  in the market, it's always best to follow the professionals before you lose your underpants.