Thursday 18 November 2021

Najib Razak : Salah Makan

is a song released just about a year ago by BAD Hood.  Lyrics to this song goes something 

like this :

Musuh kongsi selimut,fahamkan maksud salute
Musuh dalam selimut kuselimutkan berselit maut
Ragam hidup bertalam depan baik belakang syaitan
Ini kawan pangkat lawan depan salam belakang tikam
Makin maju dihadapan belakang mungkin bukan kawan
Jadi teruskan melawan walau kena makan kawan

BUT am EXTREMELY concerned  by the execlusive from Malaysia NOW READRevealed: Najib to get free house worth RM100 million in posh KL neighbourhood .

WHY am I concerned?  Well consider this,  the Finance Minister Tengku Zafrul said READ :Najib's request was made after the budget was tabled.

So the budget was tabled on October 29 2021, and Malaysia Now ran its execlusive on November 12 2021.  Between October 29 till November 12 there were TWO WEDNESDAYS  (THATS WHEN THE CABINET NORMALLY MEETS).

So who do you think revealed THAT information to Malaysia Now, considering what is discussed in the Cabinet comes under the official secrets act? 

 DO NOTE Najib making a request is not an Illegal act in Malaysia, as millions of Malaysian have requested for a one of 10k withdrawal from EPF too. Getting it approved or ignored is up to the Government. 

THOSE, in the media should ask themselves this hard question who is BOSSOM buddies with Malaysiakini and Malaysia NOW

Lain kali bagi lah eksklusif kat Vibes ke, NST ke ataupun Finance Twitter, so that people know that you too know how to piss straight!!!.