Friday 12 November 2021

Muhyiddin Yassin : Taktha

is the theme song from the popular KL Gangster movie.  The song is sung by Erna and the rap part by Filsuf.

One of the core reasons Muhyiddin Yassin lost the Prime Ministership was because people found him to be a loof. 

Who can blame them, as Prime Minister, he never did have any unplanned session with the press. We either saw him on TV
or had to read his PDF file.

Muhyiddin Yassin's outburst yesterday READ : Don’t dare me, bodoh on Shahrir Samad
caught many by surprise.  Perhaps there is still some fight left in Din?

Dimana tempat adanya kuasa
Disitu juga adanya angkara
Dimana ada namanya manusia
Disitu juga adanya punca propaganda hipokrasi
Yang rendah ingin menjadi tinggi
Dan yang tinggi ingin mendominasi
Yang lemah ingin menjadi gagah
Dan yang gagah ingin terus berada di atas

Don't hold you breathe on this one. I just checked out his Facebook

If Muhyiddin has any intention of winning the Prime Ministership taktha again...HE NEEDS TO URGENTĹY SACK HIS PR DIRECTOR.

NOW do tell me. Who in the correct state of mind will address themselves on their own FB PAGE as YB TAN SRI Dato Haji ?