Friday 5 November 2021

Malaysia Lawan Nigeria : Yang Manis Bukan Gula

is the R&B soul hit from Stegga Bwoy which has had a fantastic run on Tik Tok this year.  

Considering we will  be relying on Petronas big time to finance the country in 2022 to the tune of USD25 billion in dividend alone, I do believe that the Tengku Zafrul's crude oil price projection for 2022 tastes a lot like yang manis tapi bukan Gula.

Yang manis
Tapi bukan gula
Ko macam beda okey
Jangan putar tlalu banyak

Strange but true, Tengku Zafrul's counterpart in Nigeria  has READ ; pegged crude oil at US$57 per barrel.

So, should we be laughing  at our Nigerian brothers or are they gonna slamdunk 

Consider this Indonesia has pegged crude oil price at USD63 per barrel while Fitch has it at USD67 while the Bloomberg consensus has it at USD66.50.

Where is the prudence of Malaysia's finance minister, with a zero or very thin buffer which leaves no room for a miscalculation?