Friday 12 November 2021

Wee Ka Siong @ Mavcom : Uji Nyali

is a song just released a couple of hours ago by Farid Egall and it seems to have the right hook for this post.

Awas kau jangan lari
Anggap ini uji nyali
Cuba mari dekat sini
Jadi awas jangan lari
Yakin ku pasti cari

 First and foremost, Do I like Wee Ka Siong? Do I dislike him?  Frankly speaking I don't know enough of the guy to form an opinion .

 I am a firm believer in what Deng Xioaping said it really doesn't matter if the cat is black or white as long as it can 

catch a RAT.

After months of silence, MAVCOM 

has opened its golden mouth, curiously after the shareholder meet at AirAsia X, which approved a RM10 payout for every RM2000 given to the airline by potential passengers.

As long as this is 

no sandiwara from Mavcom and if Wee Ka Siong can make sure that passengers can still get back 100 per cent of their money,  then he would have passed the UJI NYALI. ..if not I got plenty more songs to play!!!.