Tuesday 9 November 2021

Ismail Sabri : Hari Yang Istimewa

is a song from Malay songstress Fauziah Latiff.  If I was Ismail Sabri,  the last person I would want to meet is Indonesia's rock star of a president Jokowi.

But that is exactly what Ismail Sabri has done. READ : Ismail Sabri tiba di Jakarta untuk lawatan rasmi ke Indonesia

Tandanya bermula
Hari yang dinanti
Telah pun tiba
Jika bermain api
Kelak membakar diri.

WHY would I say such a thing? Well consider this. Tun Dr Mahathir had met Jokowi on August 2019. Six months latter he lost his job as Prime Minister on Feb 2020

Muhyiddin Yassin then tried his luck. Muhyiddin met Jokowi on Feb 2021 and 

six months latter, he too lost his job as Prime Minister  on August 2021.

So is Ismail Sabri's shell life as Prime Minister is gonna face the same fate? We shall know in six months time.