Monday 8 November 2021

The Story of Scomi is BEING told :Shah Hakim's 20 million sale yesterday : APOKALIPS!!!

is one of my favorite songs from M Nasir's 1992 Saudagar Mimpi album.

Well for the SAUDAGAR MIMPI or dream merchants out there,  don't bother holding on to your horses, that Shah Hakim's recent share purchases are going to help the company secure more money from the Government.

Being a close friend of Khairy Jamaluddin's brother in law is of course a plus point,  but with Muhyiddin Yassin no longer the Prime Minister and with KJ himself under consistent pressure from Lokman Adam', it looks to me like the lights are out for Shah Hakim and Scomi.

TRY as they did,  I do believe Scomi despite all its clout has failed to convince the Government of Ismail Sabri to pump in more money to a lost cause. READ :The RM303 million Anthony Loke brokered deal, and a promise by Scomi to deliver seven new trains by October 2021

Susah dan senang bersilih ganti
Bila-bila boleh naik dan turun
Bila-bila boleh naik dan turun
1. 2. 3. Do. Re. Mi.
Apa nak jadi
Alif.Ba. Ta. A. B. C.
Apa nak jadi

Well October is already gone, and even Deepavali has passed but Prasarana has yet to see any light on the delivery of those seven trains.

Talk is, Scomi has been asking for more time and more money from the Government to deliver. But this is mere talk 

But what is NOT MERE TALK Is
SHAH HAKIM is bailing out of Scomi. 

Why would I say such a thing?  Well the devil is always in the detail.  View : Shah Hakim sells of 20 million of his directly held shares to a Sdn Bhd entity in which he has only an indirect stake.

Now do tell me what is the liability of a Sdn Bhd company as opposed to that of a multi multi millionaire???