Sunday 14 November 2021

Malaysia Lawan UK : MEMBISU

is a song from IJAM, that summerises both side of the political divide now that they are bossom buddies, leaving the rakyat with a black eye.


Masih Ku cari kunci
Masih ku cari jawapan

Masih ku cari jutaan

It has been 14 years, since the United Kingdom had abolished the unfair

RULE 78  for  loans. READ ; The abolishment of RULE 78.

The Rule of 78 is a method used by some lenders to calculate interest charges on a loan. The Rule of 78 requires the borrower to pay a greater portion of interest in the earlier part of a loan cycle, which decreases the potential savings for the borrower in paying off their loan.

So why is after many moons of broken promises,the Finance Minister did not even lift a finger during  Budget 2022  to stop  RULE 78 from rulling  the roost?