Sunday 21 November 2021

Malaysia Lawan USA : Teacher

is a song from one of my favorite rock bands, Big Country.

You led me where I had no sight
Till birdsong broke the morning light
And I was weak with strange delight
Teacher will you show to me
The bond between the land and sea
For I am new to mystery I want everything laid out for me
All of history
All of history
The bulk of Malaysia's budget goes into education, but how do we actually treat our teachers who are the hardware in the education cycle.


I will be the first to admit we are not as rich as America but we are also not dirt poor considering our ministers are getting a Vellfire each. 

 Consider this the Education Minister Mohd Radzi Mohd Jidin is a hugely unpopular  politician who was trashed in the General  Election getting less than 14 per cent of the votes.

What can we expect from an UNPOPULAR politician from BERSATU?  The worst, one would presume!!!