Wednesday 17 November 2021

Dangerous Minds : Gangsta's Paradise

is the global smash hit from Coolio taken from motion picture of the same name.

In Malaysia NOW,  we have some very dangerous minds at work. I read with much amusement and laughter the statement from the Deputy human resource minister with the BAD GRAMMAR READ : A loyal Malaysian must speak Malay, says PAS deputy minister who bullied reporter.

I actually support what Awang Hashim said with regards to the national language.  Just look at Indonesia, you won't be able to identify the ethnicity of the speaker when they speak the national language.

That being said, I am sure Awang Hashim wants the very best for Malaysia, hence  I would assume he would be the first to admit 
to be in the Malaysian cabinet based on education qualification. To represent Malaysia, we want the best just like Singapore 

so a normal second class degree TAK BOLEH LAH BRO.  Boleh resign tak demi NEGARA?

Power and the money, money and the power
Minute after minute, hour after hour
Everybody's runnin', but half of them ain't lookin'
It's going on in the kitchen, but I don't know what's cookin'
Been spendin' most their lives
Livin' in a gangsta's paradise
Been spendin' most their lives
Livin' in a gangsta's paradise
Keep spendin' most our lives
Livin' in a gangsta's paradise

Having an ivy league education must be the benchmark to be a minister,  but it should not be the sole criteria. Just look at Khairy Jamaluddin 

a man with a good education but perhaps short on wisdom READ :Airlines up in arms over Malaysia's newly announced Covid-19 rules for crew

I do not know who the writer of this article is but I do hope that it is NOT Jose Barrock  who I helped train, when I set up Malay Mail's first business page in well over 100 years, thanks to the support and encouragement given to me by my mentor, Ahiruddin Attan. 

First of all there will be a question of acting in mala fide interest and secondly any reporter who wants to be taken seriously must do his homework.

To unlock what plagues Serba Dinamik, one must first be able to find the key. Part of that key lies in Sarawak, though the nucleas of the key may well have its beginning in Penang and in Sarawak Consolidated Industries Bhd

To cut a long story short, a long long time ago in China when casinos use to give the winners of the jackpot a 

as the grand prize (Yes Mr K, I still remember the conversation we had at The Social) there was a company known as Welli