Wednesday 24 November 2021

Najib Razak : Kasih Slow

is song released in 2019,  by Nonna 3in1 with Rap X, though it only started creating a buzz some two years latter.

Najib Razak has called out  Tengku Zafrul 

twice in three days regarding the I Citra One of 10k payment.

Jangan terlalu laju mace we pace we
Tahan-tahan tenaga kita goyang Sante
Ikuti tempo biar keringat sampe
Sengaja bikin pelan kasih minyak lante
Kasih slow kasih slow
Kasih slow kasih slow tempo
Kasih slow kasih slow
Kasih slow atau nanti kaco

The last guy who tried the elegant silence trick, lost his job to Najib Razak. 

CLEARLY , time is running out for Tengku Zafrul, an analyst,  turned reality TV actor who now happens to  run the Finance Ministry.

Tengku Zafrul,  can't afford to keep mum or ignore Najib Razak.  Najib Razak is no charismatic  speaker  but on social media , it's a whole different ball game. 

Tengku Zafrul  is not a bad guy, but he is running  
and soon he might be out of style too, due to the perception that the guy is out of touch with the common man