Monday 22 November 2021

The Story About Scomi is About To Be Told (Part 5) : Mony, Mony, Mony

was a big hit for Billy Idol way back in 1981, taken from the album Don't  STOP.  Lyrics to this song goes something like ;

Well, I feel alright
You so fine (Mony Mony)
You so fine (Mony Mony)
You so fine (Mony Mony)
And I feel alright

That's  what, I believe anyone who is going to buy 2017 Honda CITY E I-VTEC 1.5, will be singing 
all the way to the show room.  

So what has 2017 Honda CITY E I-VTEC 1.5 got to do with Scomi Group, 

which received an extra RM303 million to supply monorail train sets to the Government ? which by the way it HAS YET TO DO SO.( I understand one third has yet to be delivered)

Well the 2017 Honda CITY E I-VTEC 1.5 cost RM64,000 , 
is exactly the amount SCOMI has  in the bank. VIEW : SCOMI's balance sheet

The amount though could be eroded, 

when Scomi announces its results in less than 8 days time. 

If this is not enough to cause deep concern among lawmakers and the ministry of transport then either they or we, the rakyat immediately need to seek council from a