Wednesday 24 November 2021

The Money Game @ Parlo Bhd On Bursa Malaysia : JASON's song

is a single taken from Ariana Grande's third album Dangerous Women,  which was certified  as a quardrable platinum album. 

JASON's song  (Bursa Malaysia that is a direct hint for you who to look out for before the SHIT HITS the FAN)

All the shit you've done
You can't outrun the way you understand me
You acted like you bought me at a bargain sale
You don't even care
You focused your frustration on a small detail.

The Money game happens everywhere across the world. READ ; Dogecoin A 'Victim Of Pump And Dump Scheme' By Elon Musk, Says Analyst.

When you have finess and don't insult intelligence of a normal human being, people won't come charging at you for tempting others with greed.

The story at Parlo though has too many holes, to ignore. Bursa Malaysia & SC must charge those involved .

CONSIDER this, by July 2020, Parlo was on shaky

During the June July period Parlo was trading at 8 sen a piece with a capital spread of 364 million. 8 sen times 364 million equals to RM29 million.

In between something happened  and the stock shot up to 65 sen. 65* 364 million, valuing the company at RM232 million.

Obviously somebody made tonnes of money. a minimum of RM200 million and a max estimate of half a billion ringgit
The in between though is the emergence of  ARIV Capital  Sdn Bhd, which coinsided with READ : A spectacular agreement with a Myanmar controlled entity

THE agreement  

And oh there was also a rights issue of which 11 million will be ploughed into the Myanmar business opportunity.

ONE of Diamond Palace sister company Ever Fine Services too provides on its own an almost similar service. 

Let's check out its website 

And oh by the way Arvi Capital has ceased to be a substantial shareholder, Parlo's results are weak at best and the stock had fallen almost 75 per cent from its peak.

Many retailers lost big time 

the regulators owe it to them to get this JASON's song JUSTICE!!!