Thursday 4 November 2021

Wee Ka Siong. Tegak Berdiri Bukannya Lalang

(Cinta Nusantara)  is the song that made Sheqal a house hold name decades a ago.

Wee Ka Siong is under attack again, this time not by Lim Guan Eng but from the RAKYAT. How come Wee Ka Siong does not talk about AirAsia X?

Come to think of it, Wee has been very silent on this matter.  

Seloka pantun khazanah kita
Maksud terkandung cuba dibaca
Jangan dipagar nyiur yang condong
Buahnya jatuh ke laman orang
Bumi dipijak langit dijunjung
Tegak berdiri bukannya lalang
Malaysia must know WHY, especially  since even the MCA linked STAR has voiced this out.  READ: The authorities should have come down hard on Air Asia X as the Malaysian Aviation Commission (Mavcom) has the powers to do so.

Wee Ka Siong 
where is your voice in this matter. Is RM10 for every RM2000 fair, when common logic says its should be RM2000 for every RM2000 given?  

You know what?  

Just consider this if you put down a RM5000 deposit for a motorbike or a car and you do not get the bike or car nor a 100 per cent refund...the sales man has committed  a crime.

If I go and give RM17.40 for a pack of Dunhill and the cashier takes the money, and refuse to give me the cigarette or full refund, the cashier has committed a crime.

But when  AirAsia X does it's called  restructuringBoleh kah? Adil ke? jika jawapannya adalah YA, untuk keluarga mana pulak ? Keluarga Melayu?  Keluarga Cina? Keluarga  India? Keluarga  Malaysia  atau untuk KELUARGA ORANG  KAYA.