Saturday 13 November 2021

MAVCOM : Berakit Ke Langit!!!

is a song released in 2003 from Malaysia's biggest rock band of the 1990's. The lyrics to this song goes something like this :

Lagu kita, Wayang kulit
Berakit-rakit ke langit
Ini bukan cerita wayang kulit
kisah dalam karya sepi,
Lagu kita, Wayang kulit.
Berakit-rakit ke langit
Tiada syurga.

Is MAVCOM playing some kind of 

sick joke here or a well constructed exercise to demonize AirAsia X and Tony FernandesREAD :Mavcom to take action against AirAsia X if carrier fails to reimburse tickets.

HELLO MAVCOM why didnt you say anything before the AirAsia X CREDITOR vote?  

You could have said something, infact you could have used Malaysia Airlines  own recapitalization plan which was completed early this year as a benchmark, on how NOT TO ABUSE passenger trust by  NOT ripping them off.

Tony Fernandes has every right to put forward a proposal which essentially favours him and the well being of his company but MAVCOM could and should have come out publicly from day one and oppose it.

Making public statements  AFTER the creditors  voting has taken place or taking AirAsiaX to court now,  which may take donkey years to resolve  is not the solution.

 Mavcom has the power to suspend an Airlines license.   USE it 
or SHUT UP,  this joke isn't funny ANYMORE!!!