Wednesday 3 November 2021

Sun Tzu, Wee Ka Siong & Lim Guan Eng : Diam Diam

is a song from the underground Malay rapper Qerli Azizi.

The guy is no Sun Tzu, the famous Chinese General behind The Art of War,  but I do hope 

Wee Ka Siong will be able to back up his claims in the debate with a lackluster Lim Guan Eng READ : Malaysia may be part of NTT'S Intra-Asia Express Cable project
with more concrete information rather than just a video tape.

Makan satu menu
Tapi pinggang berasing
Kongsi satu layar
Layan Sekali Tayang
Wayang depan lain,
Belakang lain punya wayang

I do hope the project Wee is talking about IS NOT a mere extension of READ ; Telekom Malaysia completes Cahaya Malaysia cable system