Tuesday 16 November 2021

Malaysia Lawan Black Panther : Ini Jalan Kami!!!

is a song released last year by B Quexx, a hip hop group that has its origins in Sabah.

There is a growing trend about politicians elected by the people, who feel that it is ACCEPTABLE to be on the failing side as long as they have made their opinions known in Parliment.  

FOR your information, all school children in the USA have free lunch thanks to the initial efforts of the 

 So why is ALL our school going students regardless of being rich or poor ,  yellow or brown being denied a free breakfast programme in Malaysia? 

Mazlee Malik, did you speak to Najib Razak? Did you speak to Anwar Ibrahim? Did you speak to Muhyiddin Yassin to get their buy in for this programme in Budget 2022? 

Mahu seperti senapang peluru
Tajam atau tidak yang penting cuba dulu
Sosialis makin kejam akan lemah direjam
Pengaruh kuat paling terhormat nikmat keramat
Sebab itu dia laknat orang tanpa berkat
Jangan lupa yang buat kerja tuhan hingga hidup penamat

 Or did you just speak in parliment hoping that the Education minister Mohd Radzi Jidin, YANG KALAH TERUK DALAM PRU will just roll over?