Sunday 14 November 2021

The Story On Scomi is About To Be Told (PART 3), : Waiting for the Train that Never Comes.

was hit in 1985 for the British New Wave group called MADNESS.

Here is a quote which is actually NOT from Albert Einstein  but often quoted in Malaysia as if it was from the great man himself  READ : The definition of insanity

The quote in question is about doing the same things repeatedly and expecting a different of results, which is what madness is all about.

 How many times have the Transport Ministry given  Scomi Group extensions to deliver the new sets of monorail trains and GOT THE SAME OUTCOME

Waiting for the train that never comes.
waiting for the train that never comes.
I hear the ghost train rumbling
along the track to set them free.
And I hear them
It's black and white don't try to hide it.

If you thought that 
what the MOT had been doing regarding the Monorail when it comes to SCOMI was madness,  what you are will read below is going to shock you.

By right,  the Securities Commision  should be calling up Scomi and demanding a special audit.  Does the Transport Minister really willing to step into another minefield following the much maligned national cabotage policy and Mavcom's strange statements about  protecting passengers rights after months of silence?

Another glaring red flag has been READ :Scomi Group CEO tenders resignation