Saturday 20 November 2021

Tok Mat: Stronger

is a song from Sam Fledt . The lyrics to this song goes something like this :

You gotta take it day by day
Keep movin' forward no matter what they say
And when the thieves try to steal your faith
Keep pushin' through 'em 'cause there ain't no other way
If you wanna get stronger

Tok Mat or Mohd Hassan , the UMNO Deputy President who took a very unsteady UMNO from Zahid Hamidi and dealt blow after blow to a PH government in which Azmin Ali was one of the pillars have now done it again, delivering a massive win for BN in Melaka.

Despite his success, the die hard Liverpool fan has been overlooked by the last two successive Governments in which UMNO supplied the most number of Member of Parliments.

Ismail Sabri can no longer afford not to hand over the Finance Ministership
to the silent man of UMNO.