Friday 9 July 2021

Audit Oversight Board (AoB) . Show me your soul

by none other than one of biggest  funk rock band there ever was the Red Hot Chili Peppers ;

You won't offend,
I need to know
Please my friend
Show me your soul

Show me your soul AOB, because the world wants to know why are there two sets of justice and why are you treating your fellow statutory body the Malaysian Institute  of Accountants like eunuch's by using their by laws to get what you want?

Show me your soul AOB, on why you are against the smaller firms to form joint ventures  so that they too can audit large public listed companies .

Show me your soul AOB why  when it comes to the big boys , they only get a slap on the  wrist, you stay silent when those directly from KPMG with knowledge on what happened to the 1mdb accounts are sitting high and mighty in some  banks, or will you want to use the lame meekly excuse OH 1MBD they are not a PIE, even though the Mof has either directly or indirectly  controlling stake in many public listed companies which are commonly known as government linked companies

Show me your soul AOB, why is it when it comes to smaller firms you try to use MIA by laws to shut them down.

Allready one case is in court now, READ ;SC AOB sanctions on audit firm quashed by court  AND  Audit firm Afrizan Tarmili Khairul Azhar seeks nearly RM35m in damages from SC
 But before the dust on that can settle down, you have moved to take down another Malay audit firm. READ ; SC’s audit regulator fines audit firm, revokes partner’s registration for providing prohibited services

What will happen to their staff,  with big clients getting more fearful to hire smaller firms... so please show us your SOUL, AoB