Sunday 25 July 2021

Serba Dinamik. Winner takes it all

was a big hit for the red rocker Sammy Haggar,  a journey , who found his pot of gold by replacing the   David Lee Roth as lead vocalist of the American heavy metal band Van Halen.

The game is ours to play
Oh, tell me why
There are no alibis
'Cause winner takes it all
Loser takes a fall

This is no ordinary week for Serba Dinamik, an announcement  is immenent on the appointment of a new external auditor to replace KPMG which is facing a billion ringgit suit from the Governmenr of Malaysia .

Next to Top Glove, Serba Dinamik is the top trending stock on i3investor for  this trading week, at KL Screener the buzz is all about a technical chart by a subscribe only  professional  chartist.

The chartist notes that the most brutal of the selling spree have been absorbed , with  mere pockets of selling resistance  left, pushing the Serba bulls confidence level up .

Trading omens too  are in place and in favour of the  bulls helped by  the Dow Jones closing above the 35000 level for first time in History, as well as the follow through in the overnight Dow Jones Futures.

If the chartist is as good as some claim, then one should expect  nothing short of the unforgettable   karate kick stance from the bulls,  to set testrones on over drive, western style for a fast and furious rampage to the 63 sen a share promise land. You can view THE CHART HERE.