Tuesday 20 July 2021

Desmond Lim. Aku Orang lain

is a hip hop song by Sonaone. The lyrics really makes me want to laugh thinking  of the remote possibility that Desmond Lim via WCT gets to develop Subang Airport, and then he is called in as a witness in Rosmah Mansur's corruption  case.

What will Desmond say?  Aku Orang Lain.  Anyway here is the lyrics to Aku Orang Lain ;

Aku orang lain (aku orang lain)
Aku bukan macam cerita yang sama
Dan aku banyak main (aku banyak main)
Berubah warna like chameleons
Stackin' up a million
Hanya aku yang tau
Betapa beda aku dari asli aku.

Do I want WCT to develop Subang Airpot? Yes I do because, I believe that they are very competent and in an open tender, WCT which has won many global tenders can hold its own.

Hence, our eyes should be on the salaried men, who are pushing these deal, because unlike Desmond Lim or WCT they cannot go any where outside of Malaysia, and be where they are based on merit.

It's shame that some salaried men,  for reasons only known to them are pushing WCT in  these deal  and I tbe process dragging the WCT brand name  to the sewer.

It would be good for the transport minister Wee Ka Siong to reveal to the world, if indeed there is an unsolicited proposal from WCT, and is there a rush to get this deal done when we are in the middle of a pandemic.