Wednesday 7 July 2021

I3investor in the eye of a digital storm. TIKAM

by Malaysian rapper's Adi Fati who has a better underground following than on the mainstream, unlike i3investor which is mainstream but are being used by unseen hands underground to get back at companies. 

Repoets that i3investor is now at the centre of police report by a government backed company, I believe it known to all already.

If you missed it. Go to DagangNews or CLICK ON THIS LINK

The i3investor is a very good platform, but do stop using free speech to run malicious campaigns . Against small  boys like Serba Dinamik, one maybe able to pull it off, but trying it against a big boy is akin to suicide. 

The lyrics then ;

Kau budak tikam
Gerakan dah dijangka
Pemungkas kata si tikam
Yang tak cukupkan harta
Lagu khas dicipta
untuk si tikam belakang
TALAM mukaaa