Tuesday 20 July 2021

Serba Dinamik. Born to Rock N Roll

was released way back in 1971 by the Byrds, a good six years after Bob Dylan gave the group its first number one with Mr Tambourine  Man.

Day traders,  who often rely on intuition, momentum and charts,  could be in for a field day, as the latest posting on  independent chart sites suggest based on trends , for this moment atleast, Serba Dinamik is born to Rock N Roll

I know that everybody's born for something
Just to feed them and keep them from the cold
Sometimes you get to do the things your meant to
And I know that I was born to rock n roll.

At tradingview meanwhile opinion seems to be divided, as thr chartist are looking purely on full day trades but nevertheless, the latest posting says Good to go long, double Bottom done