Sunday 4 July 2021

The Singapore put@ Serba Dinamik. Jalan Terus

is a song by Malaysian rapper's  Budaksihat.  Lyrics to the song goes something like this ;

Siapa gigit Lada
Kita bikin jadi mangsa
Ini jalan terus
Kami bikin jalannya lurus
Ini jalan terus
Kami bikin sampai terurus.

Serba Dinamik is up and running. Some say that it is a TECHNICAL  rebound, and that the shares could run all the way  to 75 sen. READ FOCUS MALAYSIA 

The Singaporeans though will probably be laughing silly at the report while making prank calls and singing  Ini Jalan Terus  to the likes of Public Bank, and HLG , who valued Serba at between 28 sen and 48 sen.

The reason is even in the darkest hour,  Singapore's UOB Kay Hian Research showed the world the difference in class between  a Singapore research firm and Malaysian research firms.

According to UOB, even at the darkest hour, based on FUNDAMENTALS, the stock is worth 70 sen a PIECE. 

The party is expected to start at 55 sen a share. Last I checked, Serba was 48.5 sen a share. You can read about UOB"s Master Class in the STAR