Thursday 15 July 2021

Mohd Abdul Karim Abdullah. Cinta Nusantara

is a song by the severely under rated  Sheqal, that was his break through single decades ago.

Seloka pantun khazanah kita
Maksud terkandung cuba dibaca
Jangan dipagar nyiur yang condong
Buahnya jatuh ke laman orang
bumi dipijak langit dijunjung
Tegak berdiri bukannya lalang

While the jury is still out there on  Mohd Abdul Karim Abdullah, one thing I believe we all can agree is that this guy is no lalang.

From day one the tycoon had asserted his innocence . READ; Serba Dinamik CEO: Block 7 deal not a related party transaction as I didn't take up shares personally.  

What I like about this guy is despite all the shit he has gone through.... He is still giving and providing. READ ; Serba Dinamik peruntuk RM2.13 juta untuk basmi kebuluran akibat Covid 19

Something else which he has given this week especially  to the market and corporate governance is purchasing 10 million shares of Serba Dinamik from the open market.

Many have asked me, what is the big deal ,10 million shares? My anwser to that is it is not the quantum but rather  its an act of an innocent man coz it would suicidal to do so  if you are guilty.

I believe, many do understand that, which is why despite 13000 odd Covid cases today,  Serba Dinamik shares were unbeatable on Bursa Malaysia.