Wednesday 14 July 2021

AirAsia to AppAsia. Apa Khabar Sayang

by Virus Papua,  had its moment of fame some two years ago,  but the lessons from the song has yet to be learnt by even the best of the public listed companies.

Apa khabar sayang di sana
Dengan sendiri ku jalani
tanpa kau di sisi
sayang ku rindu

Case in point, AppAsia dia a bonus issue. Shares didn't move up but went a bit down.  Now AirAsia does a cash call, the shares are also going down. READ ; Many loose ends after AirAsia’s rights issue

So what is it,  do the investors rindu so much and why is it a company which wants to reward its shareholders and one that wants its minority shareholders money are suffering  the same FATE?

GOOD GOVERNANCE must NOT only be DONE, it must be SEEN to be DONE.  Basically you require visibility.
Deliver on that, and show the public daily that you are delivering....and the rest they say WILL FOLLOW