Friday 23 July 2021

The Odd Man Out. Rolling in the deep

won Adele record, song and music video of the year at the  2012 Grammys. Rolling in the deep, is a British expression  meant to mean one should "cover your mate."

One man who will not be rolling in the deep with KPMG is Muhyiddin Yassin. He is Prime Minister today because he has better sence than KPMG.

I believe, the Muhyiddin factor ensured,  we will not be in a state of flux, as in the SC probe where much is known on Deloitte  but  very little on the fate of KPMG.

The lyrics then;
Tears are gonna fall, rolling in the deep
I have no story to be told
But I've heard one on you
 and I'm gonna make your head burn

I am glad, that we will soon discover the superior techniques  KPMG used to complete the IMDB audit in three weeks, as well as why it makes perfect sence not demand financial records from a company to measure if  they have the muscle to stomach a US$1 billion murabaha-loan, in case  of default.

Looking at back, I realise on the nobleness of KPMG Falsifying audit report: 'It's a treacherous act'  .  

I am beginning  to have a better understanding  , why a story on Petronas , Malaysia's only Fortune 500 company not distancing itself from KPMG when its ultimate shareholder is suing 44 KPMG partners is a NON story.  

The story instead is  on providence with a little help from the superb investigative reporting skills of  the Edge , exposing Serba Dinamik.

And in one fell swoop,  relief was extended to KPMG, the bullied victim who merely wanted to tell the truth.

Who tipped the edge off? We will never know,  but what we do know is for an investigative team, their research skills were at best below sub par,   which is why not even a single paragraph was devoted that something strikingly  similar happend in  Singapore. 

This was  a story on how a company audited by KPMG suddenly found itself in the eye of the storm.  READ ; ACRA keeping a close watch on Hyflux and its scandal-ridden audit firm accused of fraud and corruption by govts around the world

We should believe in the new normal,  fraud normally  happens in just a mere reporting season and not over time.

In this normal, the odd man out who was never on record reported to have been intimidated for standing up to IMDB, though there are enough reports on them defending  IMDB, is the knight and shining armour.

The alternate to the above scene, would be to plant an evil seed in the minds of minority shareholders ;  probe deeper to learn   how to kill a Mockingbird