Thursday 22 July 2021

The Invisible Man. Buying New Soul

is a song from Procupine Tree, which is often described as the most important progressive rock band , which no one ever heard of.

I woke up and I had a big idea
To buy a new soul at the start of every year
I paid up and it cost me pretty dear
Here's a hymn to those that disappear

Ouch, those words must really hurt. NOW that Tony Pua has done his little song and dance by  Calling For KPMG removal in GLC',  what is going to happen next?

If we all remain silent, and going by the past track record. NOTHING MUCH WILL HAPPEN. 

Will my dear friends in the SC and their offshoot the Audit Oversight Board please anwser the following questions, and will our financial Press grow large enough testicle to demand for some  anwsers. 

READ ; Deloitte and KPMG under probe by Securities Commission over 1MDB scandalSubsequently,  we know that the SC fined Deloitte. READ;  Deloitte Fined RM2.2 million.

Maybe it's just me coz I had to handle two Covid deaths yesterday,  but for the life of me the trail on KPMG ends there. I  cannot find any reports which states that KPMG was either found to be innocent or guilty.

AoB and SC, who rose to defence of  KPMG on the Serba Dinamik Bhd audit issue,  will you likewise please promptly tell the world what happened to the investigation on KPMG.

Perhaps the two authors of Serba Dinamik's in the eye of the storm,  may come up with a news worthy piece ; The Drama at AoB, why it is imperative that the Malaysian Institute of Accountants  be given back their dignity.

The bare fact is, it is only the MIA  which has been doing their job without fear nor favour, while trying to provide a balancd for smaller firms and to compete and stay relevant and true to the ethos of an auditor.

It is the MIA, with whar ever little decision msking powers still in their hands, which has been going after KPMG.

Yes folks this is the same KPMG, which wants you to believe that it had suddenly grown a heart and in flash managed to discover irregularities, when even a fresh graduate just out of university knows that fraud at a very large scale doesn’t happen over night.

And this is also the same KPMG, which wants us to believe in the following fairytale.  STATEMENT FROM KPMG.

I am calling it a fairytale need to read this to believe  it. READ ; BLAST FROM 2015 : KPMG DEFENDS 1MDB.

This from an auditor, who has yet to answer another  blast from the past question. READ ; KPMG, super efficient. Appointed in August 2010, completes 1MDB audit on 3 September 2010

Enough said. I want to go read  and find out what does it mean when Marcellus says Something is rotten in the state of Denmark!