Monday 26 July 2021


is a hip hop song from Madcon, which has got a second shot to fame and fortune, thanks to Tik Tok.

If you had read my first post, LORDLY,  then you know it's all about a new breed of spin doctors who sit and operate from the news rooms.

You're on a runway track from the good
I want to paint in a picture telling where we could be at
Like the heart ain't attached where it should
You done give it away

That's part of lyrics from Madcon's Beggin taken from the album SO DARK THE CON OF MEN.

I have nothing against the dark features of  M shanmugam and Jose  Barrock who broke the story Serba Dinamik in the eye of the storm

What happened after that which  bothers me.
How come Shahmugam's Alternative Views on  Serba Dinamik seems so in line with the main stream view.  Compare his alternative views  on SERBA DINAMIK and Airasia... and make your own conclusions.

And then we have Jose Barrock's hall of famer of a statement "Many following the press conference were stumped, and left trying to recall the last time a lawyer questioned an audit firm’s work. And KPMG is not just any audit firm; it is one of the Big Four accounting firms with offices in some 150 countries and over 227,000 employees worldwide."READ :The DRAMA

Quick somebody needs to get Barrock on  the next plane to UK, so that the UK too can have an Audit Oversight Board mirrored  like a wag dog.

Read the STAR  ; KPMG's banking audits not up to scratch, says UK watchdog