Wednesday 28 July 2021

What's the Colour of Money?

is the song which put Hollywood Beyond on the one hit wonder list, but unlike most one hit wonders, What's The Colour of Money's following gets stronger every passing year.

Serba Dinamik's  retail army will soon know if they are going to end up in the red (colour of the bear) or in the green (colour of the bull).

Granted,  trading on Serba Dinamik has been muted, as a large retail base  have moved into Sersol Bhd on hopes history will repeat itself with the stock flashing the RM1 scoreboard.

Mohd Abdul Karim &  Abdul Kadier who collectly own 37 per cent of Serba Dinamik have made it official,  that it is GAME ON.
More precious than life itself
what''s the colour tempting fate?
What''s the colour of money
what''s the colour of money?
Don''t tell me that you think it''s green