Saturday 10 July 2021

Sunday lite. The Riddle Reworked

by Mike Candys with Jack Holiday , is the finest rework of Nick Kershaw's 1980's hit the Riddle. Mike Candys at that point was an unknown Dj, and it would  take him another 3 years  to break into the mainstream with the chart topper one night in Ibiza in 2011

The lyrics to Mike Candys Riddle goes something like this;

Near a tree by a river
There's a hole in the ground
Where an old man of Aran
Goes around and around
And his mind is a beacon
In the veil of the night
For a strange kind of fashion
There's a wrong and a right

So here is a Riddle where most of the answers are common knowledge except the last one which is known only to Petronas.

[  ] 1) Why are only the 44 partners of KPMG being sued.  What about the teams that were working directly on the Audit? 
Should'nt we be hauling up the the Audit team leaders that under took the Audit and scrutinize their notes. Malaysia will certainly want to know if the partners of KPMG were just signing off what the Audit team reported  to them or if the signing partner over rode the Audit teams findings.?

[  ]  2) NOW that the govt  claims that under the watch of this 44 partners the major damage on 1mdb was done. READ 44 Partners of KPMG sued by Malaysia

[  ] 3) Will the AoB seek a second opinion on all the PIE accounts in which the 44 were signing partner.

[  ]  4)Will the good people of Petronas speak up.. are you going to drop KPMG as you auditor now that our government  is suing them? Petronas will you stand with the Government  or with KPMG?