Tuesday 13 July 2021

KLSE Screener Vs I3investor. Ampun Bang Jago

by  Tian Storm  & Ever Slkr, grew to prominence after a Myanmar women was  caught dancing to the tune, while the army was undertaking what now has translated into a bloody coup. You can watch it HERE

The song is basically about the joes having to live with the arrogant ones, who actually are nothing much except in their own minds.

We have seen in with Malaysia Airports, and seen it again with Serba Dinamik, where i3investor had taken centre stage.
Read ;

2. Uncle Tan akui penulisan artikel fitnah Serba Dinamik tidak berasas

But how powerful is i3investor or are they merely powederful. Let's check it out.  My first stop though was my last stop, as I did not want to embarass anyone.

A quick check on Google playstore shows that  i3investor has 100k plus downloads with some 2000 reviews.
KLSE Screener with 5000 reviews has more than 1 million downloads, any serious investor should log on to the site to find out what non foul mouthed investors really think about Malaysia Airports and Serba Dinamik.

So this one is for you i3investor ;

Ampun bang jago, abang jago
Sory bang jago, ampun bang jago
Kalian merasa tinggi biar ku merendah
Kalian merasa hebat biar ku yang lemah
Merasa paling terbaik tapi cara kalian licik
Jangan senang dulu semua tinggal tunggu waktu
Eh ada yang manis tapi itu bukan susu