Monday 12 July 2021

Malaysia. Kaka Main Salah

by Silet  Open Up & Kapthenpurek was  perhaps the biggest hit in this part of the world. 

Kaka main Salah indeed when you have Malaysians saying these words in despair;  
One gets married on line,
One goes to Paris to admit his child in a school,
One goes to Austria and Turkey on the pretext of looking for bussiness opportunities,
One is in Jeddah to help the Palestinians,
Yet another one could visit a former premier, whilst one went for a test drive but we the RAKYAT are stuck in the perimeters of our houses.
By the way I forgot the one who is selling Spanish Fly.

All these though are child's play when you consider these guys saying Kaka Main Salah to the Government  of Malaysia.
Ko bikin apa leng
Mo bagai mana leng
Beta pu belis mahal
Kaka setengah mati

Kaka suruh jaga beta
Dari dulu dulu leng
Terpaksa kaka mundur
Jauh jauh leng.