Tuesday 20 July 2021

Tengku Zafrul. Cakap Dalam Gelap

by shazzaan, who is the by product of the The Yayasan Raja Muda Selangor’s (YRMS) Talent For The World Programme, aimed at helping youth with great potential in a particular field to pursue their dreams under the guidance of a mentor.

A young age troubled youth, who had spent time in jail  Shazzaan was mentored for 10 years by Poetic Ammo's Yogi B, leading to his debut single in 2015 Cakap Dalam Gelap

gua sudah rikey.
Brada manyak cantik
sumbang bila menyanyi.
Belum pandai menari
duduk diam je der.

At 48, Tengku Zafrul is not a young man nor is he a novice, hence I was surprised with what he was reported to have said to one of Asia's most respected and influential publication, the South China Morning Post.

The readership of South China Morning Post are leaders in business and the technocrats who advise them. To people like this, the terms one use can either make or break a country especially if it comes out from the mouth of the Finance Minister.

Malaysia as you know has a big informal economy where the numbers [may not capture] those employed in these sectors. 

Thank You,  Tengku Zafrul. I hope  you read the following reports about BIG INFORMAL ECONOMY.
1. According to the IMF The informal economy is generally associated with low productivity, poverty, high unemployment, and slower economic growth

2.According to the World Bank As COVID-19 wreaks havoc on service workers, is the informal sector increasing global inequality?

I am not saying that Zafrul is wrong.  He most likely is right.  Makes me wonder, could that be the reason why MAMPU  which is under the Prime Ministers Department HAS NOT UPDATED WEBSITE CONTENT on  the World HAPPINESS INDEX since 2019 .

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or maybe the were just  like the cakap dalam Gelap guy have been caught not being able to piss straight without hitting the pants.