Tuesday 6 July 2021


is a current top 20 hit for Billie English. who despite not being a great singer has done pretty good for herself by making sure she is always  in line and  ahead  of the  current trend.

Try not to abuse your power
I know we didn't choose to change
You might not wanna lose your power
But having it's so strange.


was certainly in play through out last week, and one suspects this week too.  

THE EDGE has the story on how  Serba Dinamik was retail investors’ top net buy stock for the week ended July 2.

For sure now, there are bound to be  comparison  with Gameshop    

I am not privy to data on  the emotional pull that triggered  this show of force. Perhaps, people were fed up with big boys like KPMG having it thier way, or EPF's  strange selling strategy  or maybe just disdain on authorities that  are super fast to  punish but slow to help.

With the retail base bossing Serba Dinamik,  the aspect,  thartwill remain with us long after Serba Dinamik's name  is forgotten,  ironically , will be the one least talked about.

A paradigm shift on  the power of  news and in what form it comes to most of us today, is now at a level most decision makers are unfamiliar with.

Apps that don't leave traces on the world wide web as well as poker sites (the ones where you don't use real money)  has brought news flow in market to a new level thanks to the  retailers familiarity on how to use and abuse technology.

  This comes at a time  when  most public listed company owners  are  pre set that to get noticed ,  one must be on the main business page in STAR or the cover of the Edge.

Serba Dinamik got noticed on the main stream for all the wrong  reasons,  yet the battles that were WON AT THIS NEW FIELD was decisive enough to convince and mobilize recruits from tiny Perlis up to Sarawak, to act  with precision and in a coordinated manner.

Don't  confuse this with digital media nor dismiss the retail buying  on Serba Dinamik as being impulsive.  To do so, one risk being  condemned by the law of  possibilities and probabilities as not being schooled in  basic statistics.