Wednesday 21 July 2021


Is a 2016 dance track by the French Dj Feder, who had a huge fan base in Eastern Europe.   The song topped the charts in  Russia.

And once we run the show everyone will know
That we will be the ones that hold the highest truth
And once we run the show everyone will know
That we will be the ones that hold the highest truth.

The term LORDLY can best be described as an individual  or an organization  which  behaves as if they have a high moral ground, hence they are definitely  better than me.

One of the biggest spin in the history of communication is that the media are often manipulated by spin doctors. 

Closer to the truth is, members of the media buy into the manipulation for reasons only known to them.

A good spin doctor, never use same trick twice, and in some cases it might not be the writers themselves but rather the organization. 

NOW, let's look at the hot topics of the week. KPMG,
AirAsia & Malaysia Airports.

In 2007 , unlike what it is doing today to Serba Dinamik,, KPMG quietly quit as the external auditors of MEMS. The  new auditors, unviled massive amount of irregularities in the company.

NOW look at this  report here and you will notice something similar, but this time to hurt the company .

Moving away from how the Edge treats KPMG clients, let's check out this piece on Air Asia. 

Before Tony Fernandes , there was Tajuddin Ramli,  no such kind words for this man. 

He was labeled a crook, and after all those crusufication , the Government  settled out of court with Tajuddin Ramli.  Even then and till today the spin doctors  paint Tajuddin Ramli as failed on merit.

And why is the story of Tajuddin  Ramli important today?  There are two reasons . Firstly, interference from hidden hands, brought down Tajuddin  Ramli, just as he was about to close the gap in class between  Malaysia Airlines and Singapore Airlines.

The pressing reason though is history might be making a comeback to the present in a different form 

Just go ask Malaysia Airports,  the barbarians are already at the gate, baying for the ionic and historically significant  Subang Airports. 

The professional mangers are not being allowed to do their job, nor will they be sacked  because when the dust settles,  the spin doctors who reside within the newsroom, will require lambs that need to be verbally lynched .