Sunday 11 July 2021

i3investor. Somebody's Watching

by the one hit wonder Rockwell,  who had a lot of help in the form of Michael  Jackson  and Jermaine  Jackson..

The song opens with the intro ;

Who's watching?
Tell me, who's watching?
Who's watching 

i3investor  user who goes by the nick Steadypunpipi which had made damaging claims that certain EY auditors family members had bought Serba Dinamik shares  ahead of its run up,  has now taken up sarcastic stance.

Say good things about Serba Dinamik in a mocking way, and then get your buddies to whack the company .

The earlier claims by Steadypunpipi has been found to be a whole bunch of lies and it really doesn't matter who the person is or the group behind steadypunpipi.

What does matter is it i3investor who will be dragged to court....