Thursday 22 December 2022

Serba Dinamik : Gone With The Wind

is a song from the British metal core outfit the Architects, formed in 2004, by the twin brothers Dan and Tom Searle, who found fame and fortune a decade later with their sixth studio album.

SERBA  DINAMIK has informed the stock exchange that it will not be able to submit its annual report on time, meaning the stock will be suspended from the exchange starting tomorrow.

Accept that what is meant to be
 Is meant to be
You ever wonder how deep you can sink into nothing at all?

DOES this mean it's game over for SERBA DINAMIK? Well I don't think so. 

THE  company has six more months to sort its books, and considering that Serba Dinamik 's sister company  K Power has friends in high places, it looks to me like it's game on for SERBA DINAMIK, albeit with a capital reduction exercise in place.  READ K Power consortium wins ECRL related power job