Friday 23 December 2022

Selangor's Green Army wants to play : The Heart Beat Song

is the smash hit from one of the American Idols most commercially successful winner, Kelly Clarkson.

CAN Perikatan Nasional capture Selangor ? At this point the anwser is NO.  The reasons why it is a NO is because Perikatan Nasional is fueled at this point solely by Malay votes.

THE Malay vote though, regardless of the inroads made by PAS in Parliament is still split almost evenly. READ : Perikatan Nasional only won 54 per cent of the Malay votes.

MALAYS make up 60 per cent of Selangor's population, VIEW : Ethnic Population In Selangor ,while the Chinese have a strong 30 per cent of the population.

Where the hell did you come from?
You're a different, different kind of fun
And I'm so used to feeling numb
Now, I got pins and needles on my tongue
Anticipating what's to come
Like a finger on a loaded gun
I can feel it rising

THINGS though could change dramatically in 2023, if as expected foreign labour starts flooding the state early next year to revive the manufacturing and construction sector, while the economy remains soft and the Chinese remain disinterested in voting.  Do note, only 69 per cent of the Chinese voted in GE15.

ALSO, will the dischented side of UMNO @ Selangor which includes the likes of Noh Omar and even Khairy Jamaluddin throw in their support directly with Perikatan Nasional will determine who wins the marginal seats in the state.

CLEARLY, Pakatan Harapan needs to fight as a united front with Barisan Nasional if it wants to remain in government in the state. 

THE bitter pill for Pakatan Harapan is that it has to conceed some winning seats to Barisan Nasional, knowing fully well on its own Barisan Nasional will likely win zero seats in Selangor but without Barisan Nasional, the state government is a GONER.