Friday 2 December 2022

Anwar Ibrahim's Cabinet : Upside Down

sold more than a million copies was Jack Johnson's only top 40 hit up to 2010. The first single from the 2006 album Sing A Longs and Lullabies, saw the album top the US charts for four consecutive weeks.

ANWAR Ibrahim's Cabinet has drawn fire from Muhyiddin Yassin, although it has been fairly received by Malaysians as balanced under the current circumstances.

Who's to say what's impossibleWell, they forgot this world keeps spinningAnd with each new dayI can feel a change in everythingAnd as the surface breaks, reflections fadeBut in some ways, they remain the same

POLICY wise, Anwar Ibrahim's cabinet specifically the ministry of transport and the ministry of communications will have to address two pressing issues which may result in a policy U Turn.

WILL Anthony Loke as transport minister now change the national cabbotage policy?  READ : Loke questions Were Ka Siong on changes to the national cabbotage policy.

WITH Fahmi Fadzil now as communications minister there is a great uncertainty on how Digital Nasional Bhd, the manager of Malaysia's 5G ambitions will fare going forward as the new minister has had a very anti Digital Nasional Bhd stance from the start. READ :Fahmi Fadzil wants a corruption probe on Digital Nasional Bhd