Monday 5 December 2022

Anwar Ibrahim & The AP King : SWIPE

is the political charged song from the Singaporean singer Alyph, that has garnered more than 4 million views on You Tube alone .

ANWAR Ibrahim has just disturbed the hornet's nest that could well make a u turn and sting his own backside, on his revelation that he has reprimanded one of Malaysia's AP Kings. READ : PM Anwar says ‘reprimanded’ tycoon Syed Mokhtar about rice monopoly.

Aku ada type
Kalau aku like aku like
Kalau tak
Aku swipe
Inilah kehidupan lumrahnya
Jika kau ada ramainya keneng keneng

THE Malay word keneng keneng can be used to describe followers, which no doubt Anwar Ibrahim has, even when he was in political wilderness, which is why I feel Anwar Ibrahim has gone after the wrong AP king and the wrong sector, to bring equality, parity and justice to the Malaysian consumer.

BY all means abolish the AP business, which is basically a get quick rich scheme for the elites, designed by the elites. 

WHY not start by abolishing the AP or approved permit business for the automotive sector instead. Nevermind that it was the AP King who lent you his helicopter and car during GE 15 .

CAR prices in Malaysia, some say is even higher than North Korea, and Anwar Ibrahim in a single stoke of the pen can unite millions of Malaysians under his government if he will just abolish AP for the automotive sector immediately.