Sunday 25 December 2022

Sakau, the story of ECRL : Something Happened On The Way To Heaven.

was a hit for Genesis drummer cum lead singer Phil Collins. The track is taken from the pop icon's But Seriously album.

SERIOUSLY,  something sinster must have happened between December 5th 2022, and December 21th 2022, which has forced Anthony Loke to make the mother of all U turns.

Believe in me
You can run, and you can hide
But I'm not leaving until it's all over
We've had our problems but...

CONSIDER this : Anthony Loke , the transport minister tells the world on December 5 2022 READMalaysia’s East Coast Rail Link project will continue without any changes

THE report further states that the cost of the project is  50.3 billion ringgit.

THEN, out of the blue Anwar Ibrahim makes an announcement that READ : Govt to proceed with ECRL project at RM74.96 bil,

CLEARLY something had happened between Dec 5 and Dec 21, which has resulted in tax payers carrying an additional RM24 BILLION BURDEN.