Saturday 10 December 2022

PART 2 :Annuar Musa, Khairy Jamaluddin,, the MCMC story of SAKAU @ Sakau

Is the hit hip hop song from Altimet, the PKR  division head of Ampang, which was released this year ahead of GE15.

WHAT is shocking about the RM1.2 billion contract. given by MCMC is the timing of the contract, the personalities involved and the pathetic track record of Privasia.

Ada mulut buka besar, tersedak penuh dedak

mungkin cara mereka dilentur

Dulu dulu mula takde siapa yang tegur

Makin lama maruah kita semakin lebur

Jadi biar aku buka mulut semua kena sembur.

DID you know that, that Privasia only had a revenue RM41million for year ended Dec 31 2021 , meaning a company which only did business to the tune of RM41 million a year was given a contract worth more than 30 times it's revenue.. READ :For 2QFY22, Privasia’s net loss widened to RM1.4 million from RM75,000 a year earlier on the back of lower revenue of RM8.6 million versus RM10.9 million.

QUESTIONS , we should demand to know is if an open tender was called, and the names of companies which participated in the tender, if there was a tender .

THE MCMC chairman,I suggest do the right thing and resign, because the contract is scandalous, just like MRCB's workmanship at Stadium Bukit Jalil.

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