Thursday 22 December 2022

Anwar Ibrahim : Power Play : What's the colour of Money

is from the one hit wonder Hollywood Beyond, the British pop group formed in 1984, in Birmingham, the United Kingdom.

A day after Anwar Ibrahim announced an almost 50 per cent increase in cost to the ECRL rail project which is more than 30 per cent complete,.more shocks have landed, but this time Malaysia does not have Rafizi Ramli to detail them out.

Dull my senses
steal my pride
principles denied
Passion faked and sold to the anthem green and gold.
Colour of the virtue by working like a slave
More precious than life? itself
what''s the colour tempting fate?

SO who is this K Power and Citaglobal respectively? Well K Power is linked to the owners of Serba Dinamik, which recently has been tangled with audit fraud allegations as for CITAGLOBAL  READ : King buys more shares in Citaglobal, raising his shareholding to 12.4pct