Wednesday 21 December 2022

The 24 billion ringgit man : IMPOSTER

is the smash hit from the Indonesian hip hopper Tuan 13, with a lot of help from rappers Zein Panzer and Ecko Show.

OH my GOD, is this the Anwar Ibrahim , we rooted for to become Prime Minister? Because if this is the same Anwar Ibrahim, then I'am afraid we are looking at an IMPOSTER.

Negara kita penganut demokrasi
Rasanya berpindah jadi oligarki
Awas awas awas ada impostor
Bermuka dua aslinya koruptor

WITH which face did Anwar Ibrahim use, to tell the nation READ: There is a SLIGHT addition in cost to the ECRL project

DO you know how much that slight addition to cost is ? Well it is  RM24 billion.  Allow me to put this in perspective for you .

HOW on earth did the cost of this rail project jump an average RM2 billion a month from Dec 2021 to Dec 2022, only Anwar Ibrahim knows.