Tuesday 6 December 2022

Malaysia, Anwar Ibrahim is not : The Centre of the Universe

is a track from the last full fledge studio album, the long road out of Eden by the super group Eagles, which debuted at number one on the billboard album charts back in 2007.

MALAYSIA, needs to realise this that Anwar Ibrahim is not the centre of the universe and that  no matter what he does, there is a larger world out there that will determine our future.

I hate to disappoint you
But there's something you should know
This is not the center of the universe
That's alright with me
This is not the center of the universe

AS they say, the haters will hate no matter what you do. You slash the special draw from 22 draws to eight draws and they will say you are responsible for pushing the share price of the likes of Magnum and Berjaya to 52 week lows, without telling you that a month ago they were also at 52 week lows.

NEVERMIND, the fact that the companies themselves say that the move to slash the special draw will have a very minimum impact on their earnings.  READ : Decreasing the number of special draws wont hurt earning of gaming companies but will help government reduce dependency on gaming money 

LET's not thank Anwar Ibrahim that the Ringgit against the US dollar is at RM4.40 and not at RM4.75 during Ismail Sabri's reign , but rather let's blame Anwar Ibrahim on why the Ringgit which hit RM4.37 when he became Prime Minister has weakened and now stands at RM4.40.

LET us completely ignore that the US federal reserve is holding a meeting next week on the direction of their interest rates, which will actually determine if they are going on strong Dollar policy or a weaker Dollar policy. READ : Wall Street slides as services data spooks investors about Fed rate hikes

AND finally, eventhough we know that December is the month foreign funds close their books, which means they will be cashing out their money from Bursa Malaysia this month, let's ignore that fact, and blame it on Anwar Ibrahim again, so that people may say that we are brilliant thinkers outside the box